in The Dwight Anderson Memorial Music Library


Isidore Philipp (1863-1958), French pianist, teacher, composer, editor. Pre-eminent teacher of piano at the Conservatoire National de Musique de Paris and the American Conservatory of Fontainebleau. Philipp fled France during the Nazi invasion in 1940, arriving in the United States in 1941. In November 1941, Philipp's pupil in Paris in the 1920s, music school dean Dwight Anderson, namesake of the library, hosted Philipp in Louisville. Philipp taught, gave lectures and spoke to L'Alliance Francaise de Louisville. Philipp gave Anderson autograph letters and items of famous colleagues to add to previous gifts. These served as foundation for the collection. In 1977 librarian Marion Korda established the Philipp Archive under the aegis of the American Liszt Society with the support of ALS president, Fernando Laires, and Maurice Hinson. An archive catalogue by Charles Timbrell in 1994 was made possible by Cecile Jeunet Spalding, Richa! rd Spalding, Joy Stephens and L'Alliance Francaise de Louisville. The archive's hundreds of items include: Philipp's compositions, pedagogical works, editions, magazine articles; letters from celebrities, letters to and from Philip's many prominent friends and students, news reports, photographs and memorabilia. The Speed Art Museum, adjacent to the University of Louisville, holds five casts of Philipp's right hand, an early 1942 project of Hattie Bishop Speed in collaboration with noted American sculptor Brenda Putnam. Additions to the archive are welcome.