Music composed by:
Erich Wolfgang Korngold
Conducted by:
Erich Wolfgang Korngold
Orchestrated by:
Produced by:
Performed by:
The Warner Bros Orchestra
Tsunami TSU-4139
Year of release:
Total duration:

- Classic
MMMM - Excellent
MMM - Recommended with reservations
MM - Poor
M - Bad

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Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Review by Joe Doherty

This is a superlative release from Tsunami of the original soundtrack of one of the cinema's greatest scores. It has been called the finest adventure score ever written for the screen. he late Tony Thomas described it as a 'textbook example of the matching of music and film.' No praise is high enough for this grandly operatic score. The score has so many highlights. There is the initial pounding main theme, the sumptuous love theme for Robin and Marian (which the composer himself called 'Lady Marian's Heart Song'), the Steiner-like 'Walk in the Forest', the exhilarating 'Feast in the Forest', the noble theme for King Richard and the breathtaking 'Final Duel' and 'Finale'. In addition of course, there is Robin's own motif, a rousing heroic theme for trumpet and strings resplendent in 'Robin's Escape from the Castle' and 'Escape from the Gallows'. The entire score is simply pluperfect. With this release we can now forget the lame and lacklustre Varese recording of the score in 1991 by the Utah Symphony Orchestra. Listening to this original recording it seems Gerhardt was the only one that came close to capturing the score's inherent vitality. Tsunami must be showered with praise on this superb issue of the complete score. It comes with a splendid cover and fine booklet, in which each page is graced with wonderful miniature frame colour shots from the film. The sound is extraordinarily excellent and sixty years seems to have had little effect on its fidelity. A must for every serious film music devotee. Highest recommendation.


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